Join the Community


If you need support, want to contribute or just want to say hi, join us at the source{d} community Slack. We hang out in the #babelfish channel.


For longer discussions, use the "Projects/Babelfish" on the source{d} forum. You may also switch it to the mailing list mode, if you prefer.


You can start contributing in many ways

Reporting bugs

Bugs should be reported through GitHub Issues. When you find a bug, report it to the repository of the relevant component at the bblfsh organization. If in doubt, report an issue to bblfshd repo or a feature request to the sdk repo with as much information as you have (including the languages of the code you're parsing), we can move it to whatever repo is more appropriate after reviewing it.

Feature requests

If you want to request a new feature, feel free to open it as an issue at the relevant GitHub repository.

For design changes we use the Babelfish Improvement Proposals. If the feature you want to request is quite complex and could benefit from some deeper discussion, consider initiating a BIP procedure, as described in BIP1.

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